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  1. They are ones I will need for upcoming sites. And you, you really need to talk Triberr with me. Get your blog seen. SKYPE?

  2. I really think it would be nice (and respectful) to include credits for each design. You are essentially benefiting from posting their hard-work.

    1. Tottaly agree! But when you have names like heaven24 or other “spam” combination, what could I do?And there is another thing, some had links to there portfolios( 12 of them), some didn’t even had an description of what there work is. I can’t put 10 on a pedestal and the rest not. And if you look over the site, you will see that this post is the only one that doesn’t say anything about the people behind the logos.

  3. Deval Maniar says:

    Creative Inspiration 🙂

Thank you!

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