Art, advertising and body painting

Art, advertising and body painting
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  1. That is great research and a fantastic topic that is rarely touched. Well done, Sergiu!!!

    1. Sergiu says:

      thank you! I try to bring more finesse to the all “showcase game”, not just “Look at the pretty picture!”

  2. Johan says:

    Great collection! Only “problem” I see it that now the body paint idea “is done” – but I guess there are more creative ideas how to do it

    1. As long as there will be a good communication plan behind the design/idea , the body paint approach will always deliver. But you are right with one thing, when scrapers join the party things start to stink.

  3. Ana says:

    This is superb! Thank you for compiling this and sharing it with us 🙂 .

Thank you!

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