Colcci advertising campaign for 2013March 14, 2013

Colcci advertising campaign for 2013

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A desert surrounded by stories, one car, three beauties and none other than Paul Walker. For that is the climate of Colcci advertising campaign Fall / Winter 2013.

Laurent Chehere - Flying HousesDecember 19, 2012

Flying Houses

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Combining his love for architecture and photography, french photographer Laurent Chehere puts together a project entitled “Flying Houses” that portrays the parisian beauty in a different perspective.

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Senegal Street Photography by Anthony KurtzNovember 24, 2012

Senegal Street Photography by Anthony Kurtz

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“It is sometimes hard to convince people that you are taking these pictures because of your love for people and places with, what I define as, true character.” A strobist style street photography project by Anthony Kurtz.


Digital photography: SumeruMarch 24, 2012

Digital photography: Sumeru

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Sumeru is a body of work that metaphorically illustrates the mental journey that is undertaken in Zen Buddhist training and practice. A digital photography project by Nick Pedersen an photography illustrator from Philadelphia, PA, USA.

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Hasselblad Masters Awards 2012 FinalistsNovember 25, 2011

Hasselblad Masters Awards 2012 Finalists

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The Hasselblad Masters represent photography at its finest; at its most inspired, most communicative, most beautiful. They are young, old, western, eastern, classical, experimental, traditional, modern, and futuristic. They have perhaps but one thing in common: they are masters at conveying an instant, an emotion, with images. Masters of the art and craft that is

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