Website inspiration, agencies February 21, 2014

Website inspiration, design agencies

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A collection of design agency websites to serve as a source of inspiration when it comes to creating a personal online experiences.

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Mario Andretti's First Love website campaign January 13, 2014

Mario Andretti’s First Love website

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First Love is the story of Mario Andretti and the car that started his legendary career. An interactive documentary, in which Grand Turismo fans get to take part in a social rebuild project.

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Flatguitars, a tribute to the guitar heroes January 8, 2014

Flatguitars, an illustration tribute to the guitar heroes

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It started as an experiment to illustrate a photorealistic Gibson Explorer guitar, but with passion and a lot of patience,it became something more. Flatguitars became an illustration tribute to all those inspiring guitar heroes.

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Almost Human Meet Your MX Site December 7, 2013

Almost Human, Meet Your MX site

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Meet your MX, is the website that promotes the new tv show, sci-fi police drama, Almost Human. An interactive website that presents the features of the androids.

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Webdesign inspiration of the week May 24, 2013

Webdesign inspiration of the week 3

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This week I’ve found some interesting projects that can open your eyes to new techniques. Webdesign inspiration that expands from personal portfolios to agencies and app presentation websites.

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