Design by Nature by Maggie Macnab, book review

Design by Nature, Using Universal Forms and Principles in Design

Design by Nature uncovers nature’s ingenuity and use it to create beautiful and compelling designed communications. Explore the principles all human beings intuitively use to understand the world and learn to incorporate nature’s patterns and shapes into your work for more meaningful design.

“ Design by Nature will remind you of the knowledge you already have by really looking at everyday relationship. By recognizing the principles, patterns, and process of nature, you can create intuitively elegant and aesthetic design.
Because nature happens around and within you continuously, you know its processes by heart. And by understanding how to relate message to image, you create value – or design that tells an authentic and useful story – enhanced by your creative understanding of the common experience. This is crucial to communicating across language, culture, and belief. Nature is the one touchstone all human beings relate and respond to.”

What makes this book appealing ?

The relation between nature and the context of visual communications. How everything comes together and evolves. You get to see that objective side of beauty, the one that has a purpose, not just to be there and “look pretty”.
When you add in the mix: structure, efficiency, organization, patterns, ethics and balance, you can actually see the big picture.
Design by Nature, Maggie Macnab
a contemporary mondala created by Icelandic graphic designer Thorleifur Gunnar Gislason. (Chapter 5 Shapes: Nature’s Vocabulary)
Design by Nature, Maggie MacnabDesign by Nature, Maggie Macnab

“Nature is economical and practical: It uses what works and discards what doesn’t and it’s had billions of years to perfect its design. There is no such thing as waste in nature’s workbook: Everything is it matched to its task. Effective visual communications also work on these principles. For example, a business identity must be as simple as possible but also must contain enough information to set itself apart. When you model your design on nature’s process and pattern, you provide a wealth of information in an economical way that everyone understands, because we are all a part of the same source.”

Who is this book for?

It is for you, the curious mind that wants to understand more. After reading this book you will look at design with different eyes.
This book will not teach you how to do it, instead it will open your eyes on how to approach certain aspects of the design process, adding a deeper layer to your design.

A big plus of the book goes to its structure. It has nine chapters grouped in three sections, that have the purpose of building you up.
Every chapter has a set of key concepts related to nature aspects, in relation to learning objectives related to design communication. Also, the amount of arguments brought to every chapter, under the form of study cases (and more), makes everything even clearer.

Get to see a refreshing view on design. Buy the book!
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Design by Nature : Maggie Macnab
Design by Nature, maggie macnab

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