History by design, 63 examples of horror movie posters

History by design, 63 examples of horror movie posters

Fear, how does it looks like? How does a monster? How is a monster defined: by his deformity or his actions?
A view on the evolution of movie poster design by looking at the horror genre, from 1922 to 2011. A introduction to horror and how movie posters where designed to intrigue, scare and fascinate the audience.

The horror genre has always fascinated the audience. By taping into the dark spectrum where fear,fantasy and science fiction overlap to bring to life our worst nightmares. A world defined by serial killers, ghosts, cannibalism, vampires, werewolves, ancient curses, satanism, demons, vicious animals. But how to advertise this kind of genre to the audience? This is a look at how horror was presented in graphic design thrum movie posters. Here where fear and the specific elements come to life to tell a story of the grotesque.

It is interesting to see how fear evolved visually, from the colors and typography used, to how they would display the elements specific to a horror movie(from a direct display of a dead body or monster, to a more sublime display as the audience gotten familiarized with the fear promoter – what a vampire does, a serial killer, a ghost).

1922 nosferatu a symphony of horror
1925 the phantom of the opera
 1931 dracula
1931 dr jekyll and mr hyde
 1931 frankenstein
 1933 the invisible
 1935 the raven
1939 son of frankenstein
history by design, 63 examples of horror movie posters: 1939 the hound of the baskervilles
 1940 dr cyclops
 1945 the body snatcher
 1956 the mole people
1958 the brain eaters
1963 blood feast
1964 the evil of frankenstein
1964 two thousand maniacs
1965 the 10th victim
1966 circus of fear
 1967 a taste of blood
1968 night of the living dead
1969 blood of draculas castle
1969 nightmare in wax
1970 hatchet for the honeymoon
1970 night of the blood monster
 1972 brain of blood
1974 impulse
 1974 the exorcist
1975 the premonition
1976 mako the jaws of death
1976 the omen
1977 exorcist 2 the heretic
1978 halloween
1978 invasion of the body snatchers
 1980 maniac
 1984 what waits below
1986 the clan of the cave bear
1986 trick or treat
 1987 nekromantik
1989 leatherface the texas chainsaw massacre 3
1992 sleepwalkers
1993 jason goes to hell the final friday
1997 wishmaster
2001 jeepers creepers
h2002 halloween resurrection
 2002 the ring
2005 house of wax
 2005 land of the dead
2006 silent hill
2007 return to house on haunted hill
 2008 the season
 2009 drag me to hell
2009 friday the 13th
2009 halloween 2
2009 halloween 2
 2009 pandorum
2009 red sonja
 2010 a nightmare on elm street
 2010 hatchet 2
 2010 hatchet 2
2010 the crazies
2010 the last exorcism
 2010 the walking dead
2011 scream 4

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  1. Great collection you’ve got there.. allthough The Clan of the Cavebear isn’t really a horror movie.

    Anyway, I enjoyed seeing all these nice posters 🙂

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