Mario Andretti's First Love website campaign

Mario Andretti’s First Love website

First Love is the story of Mario Andretti and the car that started his legendary career. An interactive documentary, in which Grand Turismo fans get to take part in a social rebuild project.

“To become a racer, you need your own car. And there are only three ways to obtain a car: Steal it (which was against their principles). Buy it (except they didn’t have any money). Or build it yourself (their only real option). They set out listening to anybody who had even the slightest knowledge of a race car. They found out about engines, shocks, spring rates, suspension, chassis setup, and on and on.

With some local friends they built a car – a 1948 Hudson Hornet Sportsman Stock Car – and raced it for the first time in March of 1959.”

I didn’t know who Mario Andretti is, so while searching the web, I found these words on his biography website, talking about the building of the car in 1950s.

Mario Gabriele Andretti is a retired Italian American world champion racing driver, one of the most successful americans in the history of the sport.
With the introduction of the 1948 Hudson in Grand Turismo 6, Sony Playstation created this campaign to celebrate Mario Andretti and reunite him with his first love. Also, we get to go behind the scenes to see how Polyphony, the game developer, recreates Andretti’s ‘48 Hudson in Gran Turismo 6 for everyone to race.

Mario Andretti's First Love website campaign

Through the website, we get to experience and share our first love and just share our stories. Grate craftsmanship from BBH and director Ben Tricklebank when it comes to the design and art direction.
The documentary approach was a good choice, as it lets you soak every story,it just grabs your attention.

Mario Andretti's First Love website campaign

The website is split in three chapters: the story of Mario Andretti, the rebuild of the Hudson and the presentation of the car to Mario Andretti.
Even if the best part of this campaign was the live build, they managed to keep your attention even in this format.

first love navigation

For me, the best part of this website was the navigation and the bottom, right corner section. The animated features and just the way that the social media buttons appeared made my day (ya, they created this full screen experience and I’m focusing only on a portion of 200 square pixels ).

Have a look at the website, Mario Andretti’s First Love, the Hudson

Mario Andretti's First Love website campaign

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