One line animal logos

One line animal logos is the name under which Stephane Labiche, a french designer, created a set of 15 animal logos, each one designed from one stroke.

When working in the creative field, or just working on a specific project, as designers we are faced with design rules and basic design limitations. Specific target markets (men, women, children), blind stakeholders requests (make it pink, my daughter loves it – they sell car parts), web development (specific screen resolutions, RGB), print development (CMYK, A4, A3, B1) or just making a logo. And frankly, you still have place to wobble with. But what if you would have to design something in one stroke?

Stephane Labiche, Creative Director of Differantly, did just that. He put together a set of 15 animal logos , each design created from one stroke, and I have to admit, they are really amazing! Not only that they are created from one stroke, but they actually deliver and have their own character.

One line animal logos - ostrich

animal logos - gorilla

 animal logos - deer

 animal logos - ostrich

animal logos

animal logos - fox

animal logos - cobra

animal logos -  rooster

animal logos - lion

animal logos - squirrel

animal logos - bull

animal logos - horse

animal logos - elephant

 animal logos - rhino

One line animal logos - dromedary

One line animal logos

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