One Year of Wabbaly!

One year of Wabbaly!

Today, 22 february, Wabbaly turns one year old! With this occasion, I want to say thank you for the support, to everyone that: liked, linked, posted via facebooke, tweeted, favorited my tweets and to everyone that took a look. To the designers that let me post their work, to the photographers that allowed me to publish their portfolios and to the authors that sent me review copies of their awesome books!

Wabbaly the project

I, Sergiu Naslau, wanted to present the visual information in another format, in an actual context, where people could see more then just a “pretty picture”. Where beginners in the field of design could see the objective side of creativity, that you don’t throw a color, add some lines and dare to call it a logo.

Wabbaly the gift

To add more meaning to this project, I made it as a gift to me (there has to be some egocentric perspective somewhere). As it turns out, today is also my birthday, so Happy 26th Birthday to me!

Wabbaly the passion

I love design, I like to communicate and basically I like to learn. To be able , 10 years from now, to look back and not have any “what ifs” in what matters my career.

Thank you for the support and I hope that you will keep reading Wabbaly!

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