Human Arabesque. The Power of X

TEDxSummit was a week-long event exclusively for TEDx organizers. Hosted by the Doha Film Institute, the inaugural event gathered TEDx organizers from around the world for workshops, talks and cultural activities.
Doha Film Institute/TED challenged We are Pi agency to prove ‘The Power of X’ by attempting an Idea Worth Doing to open TEDxSUMMIT.

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Free fonts to use in your future projects

When I’m working on a project (especially web projects), I like to experiment with the typography. To add more to the project, I’ve put together something for you.

This collection of 22 fonts represents typefaces that I’ve been using in some of my projects. Free fonts that you can give some character to your projects.

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12 examples of parallax scroll effect in Web Design

One popular trend in web design this days is the parallax scroll effect. A rich and engaging user experience with a seamless navigation that puts things into a new perspective. A technique that has been abused in the past months, but with more positive results then negative. The following showcase presents some projects that bring something different.

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Showcase Fashion Website Designs

A showcase of fashion website designs that presents the unique and appealing design surrounding the fashion world. The full page picture based design has evolved in something more, it has evolved into an experience. The websites shown in this showcase have been chosen based on: unique design, navigation, user experience and interaction.

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