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Showcase Fashion Website Designs

A showcase of fashion website designs that presents the unique and appealing design surrounding the fashion world. The full page picture based design has evolved in something more, it has evolved into…

Star Wars Identities

Star Wars Identities explores the theme of identity via ten components that help shape who we are. According to current scientific research, these are our: species, genes, parents, culture, mentors, f…

Cudi The Kid

What happens if you add the instrumentals of Steve Aoki, Travis Barker’s crazy beats and the vocals of Kid Cudi? “Cudi The Kid” is the name of the new song of Steve Aoki ft. Kid Cudi…

Handmade type

This typographic experiment, by the creative mind of Tien-Min Liao, that explores the relationship between upper-case letters and lower-case letters, and also records the transformation between them.…

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Upton 2015 look books, in motion
Upton 2015 look books, in motion

Created with a purpose, Upton set a goal to reinvent a category that is rarely appreciated and establish that belts are belts not just another accesso…


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