Safary Imaginaire

Safari Imaginaire, inspiration is all around you!

With the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note II in France, Heaven agency and dutch illustrator Tineke Meirink got approached to create a new communication campaign, Safari Imaginaire, that brings a refreshing artistic point of view.

The Samsung France team has been seduced by the work of dutch illustrator Tineke Meirink, who through her creations, gives another worldview: poetic and sublime. Tineke Meirink work is based on photographs taken in urban and reworks them to reveal shapes and characters, thus giving us a different vision of the world.

“There are always new things to discover when you look at the world a little closer. Open your eyes and see, inspiration is everywhere. Take a picture and draw over it. You can do this with the Galaxy Note II. You can give life to everyday objects and give them a whole new meaning. “

Tineke Meirink

Safary Imaginaire

Safary Imaginaire

Safary Imaginaire

In this video, we see the artist’s subjective view during a walk in Paris: inanimate objects come to life and reveal their surprising nature!

And not to forget the youtube interactive side of this campaign that you can find here. You can see thrum the interaction side, that artistic perspective I have been talking about.

Safary Imaginaire

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