Second life toys

Second life toys

Second life toys, the project under which toys are brought back to life through a special operation, is a metaphor for organ transplant which connects people’s lives.

Second life toys is a project that initiates your attention through the cuteness of the toys, but expands in its emotional impact when you find out the true meaning behind it.

The lack of child organ donors is a big problem, and Japan is deeply impacted by this. Out of 14000 people in need of a transplant, only 300 actually manage to get the operation.

With that in mind, a special campaign needed to be put together in a manner of making the public understand the problem.
Trough a sudo transplant experience brought forth by the toys, the project creates joy both for the donors and recipients.

The transplanted toys are the very representations of lives saved through organ transplant. And it’s not only for the children to understand, but their friends and family will also better manage to comprehend the value of an organ transplant. How? By interacting with the toy.

“Using toys as a motif, the project expands the notion of organ transplant by making it as an enhancement, rather than a compensation. Therefore makes the topic approachable to everyone”
Misa Ganse – green ribbon project committee director

A special website was created to collect the “donor toys” and the “recipient toys”.

Personally, I got a little overwhelmed by the contrast of the “toy transplant” and the statistics showcasing the real problem.
I find it an interesting project because of the approach. It shows and makes you understand what is the problem, without dictating what you must do. It has a well packaged emotional message and I hope it will bring some light and real results to the table.

But enough about what I feel. What do you think of the this campaign?

Second life toys - bear
The little teddybear has a cat’s ear

Second life toys - dinosaur
The dinosaur has a dog’s leg

Second life toys
The sheep has a bears leg

Second life toys
The chicken has a frog’s hand

Second life toys
The elephant has a squirrel’s tail

Second life toys
The Narwhal has a deer’s ear

Second life toys
The whale has a dragon’s wing

Second life toys
The bear has a monkey’s arm

Second life toys
Second life toys
Second life toys
Second life toys - giraffe
The giraffe has a monkey’s leg

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