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11 examples of HTML 5 parallax scroll effect

Showcase: 11 examples of HTML 5 parallax scroll effect
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  1. Nice post. Nice to see some new ones. At work, we just finished a scrolling parallax website for Subaru. http://www.subaru-global.com/11la … We were largely inspired by the Art of Flight movie website, which is another good one that breaks the linear flow with faux curving scroll.

    1. Nick says:

      The website you have created looks awesome! I have been looking at sites with this effect all day trying to figure out where to even start learning this and yours blew me away! It’s so slick and clean. Do you have any advise or directions you could point me in to become better at being a web designer. I don’t really like calling myself a web designer as yet, I feel I’m not up to standard and it would just be a lie to say so; but I want to be one! I’m just struggling to get an education in the field that actually benefits me. I have been pushed around in many different classes or courses in education and never really been taught anything that seemed remotely relevant. Any advise would be great and thanks for your time.

  2. Really grate work Sean! Like the transitions and the idea. You sure know your code. Congrats!
    Hope to see how your portfolio turns out.

  3. Soizick says:

    Is a single one page website efficient for SEO ??? That is the question…

    1. It’s not “the page” that has to be efficient, but your SEO strategy (keywords, content, promotion). SEO is not the only way to bring users to your website. If you look at the examples, you can clearly see that they are agencies. Their websites are not the only way to get in touch with their potential clients.

  4. John Polacek says:

    A couple js tools for helping you build these types of sites:

    Scrollorama (built by me)

    And a really nice new one:

  5. Will Drotar says:

    Nice collection, keep it coming!

  6. i think this site should go in the list as well ?



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