Ikea, cook this page campaign

We all know Ikea for its modern design and simple to install furniture. But what if that simplicity would extend to something more, something more tasteful? The Ikea cook this page parchment paper recipe series is just that, a collection…

Then and now, a look at visual communication through movie poster designs

One of the key touchpoints in advertising a movie is the movie poster. It has proven over and over again that it works in grabbing the attention of the viewer, fans would have them on their bedroom walls. And in…

Minna Parikka: body painting and scandinavian spring by Janine Rewell

Helsinki based illustrator Janine Rewell and shoe designer Minna Parikka teamed up for an exciting spectacle combining the world of body painting with Minna Parikka SS14

Upton 2015 look books, in motion

Created with a purpose, Upton set a goal to reinvent a category that is rarely appreciated and establish that belts are belts not just another accessory.

Minimal visual recipes by Mikkel Jul Hvilshoj

An interesting way to advertise cooking products. You showcase the product with the ingredients, creating some clean and minimal visual recipes.

Open Your Eyes, a tale of new-found hope

Through Diego Contreras’ lens, our eyes are being opened to the thoughts of an elderly man who struggles to adapt to his recent blindness.