Advertising in the pharmaceutical industryNovember 7, 2011

Advertising in the pharmaceutical industry

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Always wondered how the pharmaceutical industry pushes their products to the masses, especially when people grow more skeptical about their usefulness in our development and the set of laws that guide the distribution. We know why we take them, we are sick, we are treating diseases. So what points are they leveraging to create awareness

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Online advertising, 8 website campaigns that deserve your attentionOctober 31, 2011

Online advertising, 8 website campaigns that deserve your attention

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Advertising is a good way to push a product, to communicate but only when you understand the environment you are working in and know how to take advantage of it. Here we have 8 online advertising campaigns that take advantage of the interactive nature of the Internet and offer us entertainment.

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Advertising alcohol, 17 examples for your inspirationSeptember 28, 2011

Advertising alcohol, 17 examples for your inspiration

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A creative collection for your inspiration, advertising alcohol. A perspective on how different alcohol brands try and succeed , more or less, to create an interesting visual experience for their target market.

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Advertising, YouTube and 12 videos to prove the experienceSeptember 11, 2011

Advertising, YouTube and 12 videos to prove the experience

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Advertising is everywhere: on the TV, on the radio, on websites. But when you approach one of the biggest video community’s and break the rules, things get interesting. Advertising on YouTube promises interaction and experience, two things that really makes you wonder what’s going on. As you will see in the following 12 YouTube videos,

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The Visual Evolution of Batman in Movie PostersSeptember 1, 2011

The visual evolution of Batman in movie posters

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Batman, the super hero that fights crime, the detective, the strategist. Batman was, and still is, one of those characters that impacted the public for one reason, he was doing everything with his own hands, no superpowers. A visual introduction to the evolution of Batman and its universe over time, by analyzing the movie posters

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