Second life toys

Second life toys, the project under which toys are brought back to life through a special operation, is a metaphor for organ transplant which connects people’s lives.

Debunking popular expressions in GE Unimpossible Missions

A team of GE researchers came together over the course of several months to tackle three, to all appearances unimpossible missions. The campaign feature a showcase of videos in which popular expressions are demystified with the help of science.

Wrangler vs Wrongler

Wrangler Europe teases it’s new approach with social and OOH campaign, “Wrangler Vs Wrongler”, from Amsterdam based Ideas Company, WE ARE Pi.

Equinox made me do it

Embracing the same slogan as last year’s campaign, luxury fitness brand Equinox, is pushing you on being bolder.

Beckett Simonon, crafted for a new breed of gentleman

Inspired by the classics. Crafted for a new breed of gentleman. The title of the well crafted advertising campaign from Beckett Simonon.

Bombril Fort: Protect your dreams

Everybody needs there sleep! It doesn’t matter if you are on the job or just home, trying to get some ZZZzzz’s. But sometimes, things done’t turn like you wanted.