Palestra brand identity, the fitness club with a greek attitude

A fitness club with a greek attitude. Premium fitness club Palestra is the name of the latest brand identity project created by the creatives from Brandon.

The Visual Design language of Music and Cultural Festivals

A showcase that presents the visual design language of music and cultural festivals around the world.

Croatia Music Festivals branding project

8 festivals, vivid colors, one country and all the creative freedom a designer could ever want, this is the branding project of Croatia Music Festivals.

Uzuri, the fictitious brand I wish it was real

Uzuri is a makeup collection, created by Chloe Galea, bold enough to stand out from the competition.

Chinatown, a chinese translation of trademarks in a graphical way

Chinatown is a carefully arranged series of artworks showcasing 20 well-known western brand logos with a maintained visual and narrative continuity.

BBICC 2013 brand identity design by 44degrees

Created by Srecko Dimitrijevic and Dusan Avramovic, the BBICC brand identity design is one of those projects that sparks questions and curiosity.