The Bible of Barbecue from Tramontina

The Bible of Barbecue is a beautiful book from Tramontina that you can keep on your shelf or tear to pieces to make the perfect barbecue.

Mario Andretti’s First Love website

First Love is the story of Mario Andretti and the car that started his legendary career. An interactive documentary, in which Grand Turismo fans get to take part in a social rebuild project.

Schweppes Club of Good Taste

This year, to spice up their new advertising campaign Club of Taste, Schweppes approached Daniel Nino, a spanish web and graphic designer , to create five posters that will be used in the campaign.

Safari Imaginaire, inspiration is all around you!

With the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note II in France, Heaven agency and dutch illustrator Tineke Meirink got approached to create a new communication campaign, Safari Imaginaire, that brings a refreshing artistic point of view.

HIV AIDS awareness campaigns

To add something on this day, I decided to present some campaigns that makes us aware of what HIV / AIDS does to a human life. Even if the international AIDS day, or awareness AIDS day, is on 1 of…

Online advertising, 8 website campaigns that deserve your attention

Advertising is a good way to push a product, to communicate but only when you understand the environment you are working in and know how to take advantage of it. Here we have 8 online advertising campaigns that take advantage…