Fashion landscapes by Joseph Ford January 15, 2014

Fashion landscapes by Joseph Ford

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UK based photographer Joseph Ford, together with art director Stephanie Buisseret and stylist Mario Faundez, have put together their perspectives to create something special.

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Creative advertising by the clothing brands May 6, 2013

Creative advertising and fashion

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Following the past advertising posts I thought of putting together something about fashion, more exactly, about those creative bunch of adverts that challenge your eyes. Ads that distance themselves from the cheapness of the hoard, from the overuse of sex appeal to give value to their products.

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Portuguese Soul: Vogue Italy accessory Fall 11 September 17, 2011

Portuguese Soul: Vogue Italy accessory Fall 11

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Portuguese Soul is a series of advertorials published in the best magazines around the world to promote portuguese shoe design and manufacture.

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Flemming Leitrop photography July 23, 2011

Flemming Leitorp photography

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Based in Scandinavia’s fashion and design capital, Copenhagen, Flemming Leitorp has developed a distinctive style of photography that balances the fine line between classical beauty and innovative fashion to perfection.

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Photography of Richard Sund July 12, 2011

Photography of Rickard Sund

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Rickard’s motto “never get confortable” comes shining through in his photography. With a spark of energy common to few he has in a very short time established himself in the world of fashion as an innovative breath of freash air. He has also started working with fashion films as a Director and DOP.

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