Second life toys

Second life toys, the project under which toys are brought back to life through a special operation, is a metaphor for organ transplant which connects people’s lives.

The Story of Vans, off the wall since 1966

The Story of Vans celebrates 50 years in an amazing illustrative campaign, showcasing the brand’s origins in action sports, art, music and fashion.

Movie director portraits created through their movies

This six piece project entitled Movie Director Portraits, is the ultimate source of inspiration and the perfect way to celebrate the beauty of the detail in design.

Windows to Another World, Bafta 2016 Film Awards illustrations

Following the success of previous Bafta Award Campaigns, the creatives from Human After All did it again and managed to capture the emotional beauty that brings characters to life on the big screen.

Illustration showcase to spark your creativity this weekend

An illustration showcase put together to inspire and make your weekend even more productive

Vinyls Alphabet

Vinyls Alphabet is a unique take on the latin alphabet with the help of 26 vinyls and illustrated letters.