Learn graphic design with the help of 10 practical design books

Learning graphic design has never been so easy as it is today. And because practice makes perfect, these 10 books will help you shape you design perspective with different exercices. Are you in?

Movie director portraits created through their movies

This six piece project entitled Movie Director Portraits, is the ultimate source of inspiration and the perfect way to celebrate the beauty of the detail in design.

Illustration showcase to spark your creativity this weekend

An illustration showcase put together to inspire and make your weekend even more productive

The Visual Design language of Music and Cultural Festivals

A showcase that presents the visual design language of music and cultural festivals around the world.

Decoy – A portrait session with a twist

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but what happens when the eyes are mislead by a dictated lens positioning? Decoy is a project that adds some light on the process.

Website design inspiration of the week

I’ve chosen these websites based on different aspects: font combinations, visual design implementation, layout design and my favorite, for the simplicity of the design itself.