Color, shapes and good taste, graphic design inspiration

This week, the graphic design inspiration brings together good taste with the help of different shapes and colors, telling some visually appealing stories.

Uzuri, the fictitious brand I wish it was real

Uzuri is a makeup collection, created by Chloe Galea, bold enough to stand out from the competition.

Learn lettering: tools, books and educational videos

If you ever wanted to learn lettering, this is the collection you have been waiting for. Learn the process of creating lettering designs from a collection of tools, books and online classes.

Graphic design inspiration, event illustration posters

This time around, our graphic design inspiration is under the form of posters that have in commune the fact that all the designs have their contents illustrated.

Graphic design inspiration, in search for the color red

This time, the showcase will focus on graphic design projects that use the color red to give value to their designs. Also, it’s a creative way to point some eyes to a great cause, the RED campaign.

Guardians of the Galaxy through the eyes of different designers

Since the beginning of august, everyone started talking about Guardians of the Galaxy. The fans are pleased, yet the really interesting thing that happened came from the design community when it came to the poster design.