Lenka Srsnova Fashion Editorial

You want something to look really good? Just add type. This is what Veronika Licakova did to add some “visual magic” to Lenka Srsnova fashion editorial for Emma fashion magazine.

Simple and clean, fish logo designs for your inspiration

A collection of fish logo designs that showcase different commercial entities, more or less, that use the shape of the fish in their visual identity.

Graphic design inspiration, festival posters

Each year , you get to celebrate unique aspects of your community (local, national or international) under the form of a festival. With that uniqueness in mind, I went on a design search for festival posters around the world.

Webdesign inspiration of the week 3

This week I’ve found some interesting projects that can open your eyes to new techniques. Webdesign inspiration that expands from personal portfolios to agencies and app presentation websites.

Graphic design inspiration, posters and covers

A graphic design inspiration showcase presenting event posters and magazine covers with an unique art direction that will make your day.

Graphic design inspiration

Everyday, while searching for graphic design inspiration, I get to find really interesting design projects that open my eyes to new perspectives. Too many times I would play with different color pallets because I was inspired by how the colors…