Portraits of the Giants by Jem Cresswell

In this striking series of the Giants, australian photographer Jem Cresswell explores the behavior and undeniable beauty of the humpback whale.

We are freckled

We are Freckled is the photography project of Jonas Carmhagen, a limited edition coffee table book, that celebrates freckles and the people behind them.

Minimal visual recipes by Mikkel Jul Hvilshoj

An interesting way to advertise cooking products. You showcase the product with the ingredients, creating some clean and minimal visual recipes.

Double exposure photography

A showcase of photographers and their experimental approach to double exposure photography, with some unique results.

Ars Thanea, creative portrait photography

The creatives from Ars Thanea have put together a creative portrait photography project. A colorful perspective on presenting their team portraits, and after some time they just added more dust to it, the “holy kind”, the really colorful kind. A…

Deconstructed by Cory Stevens

Under the form of Deconstructed, Cory Stevens, a Vancouver based photographer, expresses his love and passion for architecture and urban environments.