Lenka Srsnova Fashion Editorial

You want something to look really good? Just add type. This is what Veronika Licakova did to add some “visual magic” to Lenka Srsnova fashion editorial for Emma fashion magazine.

Beckett Simonon, crafted for a new breed of gentleman

Inspired by the classics. Crafted for a new breed of gentleman. The title of the well crafted advertising campaign from Beckett Simonon.

Holy men of Varanasi

To continue his photo series of holy men from different religions around the world, Brooklyn based photographer Joey L , takes us on a journey to India, to meet the holy men of Varanasi.

Dancing colors, making sound waves visible

How does sound look like? This is the question that pushed Fabian Oefner to make sound waves visible in his colorful project, dancing colors.

Fashion landscapes by Joseph Ford

UK based photographer Joseph Ford, together with art director Stephanie Buisseret and stylist Mario Faundez, have put together their perspectives to create something special.

The Tutu Project, creating pictures that heal

What would you do, when your loved one is in a battle with an unforgiving disease? The Tutu Project is a story about love, about inspiration, about what can be done to make ones suffering go away with a smile.