Before they pass away

Being aware of our global evolution and its costs, Jimmy Nelson, a british photographer, took upon himself to document the last remaining unspoiled men and their rituals, before they pass away.

Flying Houses

Combining his love for architecture and photography, french photographer Laurent Chehere puts together a project entitled “Flying Houses” that portrays the parisian beauty in a different perspective.

Senegal Street Photography by Anthony Kurtz

“It is sometimes hard to convince people that you are taking these pictures because of your love for people and places with, what I define as, true character.” A strobist style street photography project by Anthony Kurtz.

Digital photography: Sumeru

Sumeru is a body of work that metaphorically illustrates the mental journey that is undertaken in Zen Buddhist training and practice. A digital photography project by Nick Pedersen an photography illustrator from Philadelphia, PA, USA.

Hasselblad Masters Awards 2012 Finalists

The Hasselblad Masters represent photography at its finest; at its most inspired, most communicative, most beautiful. They are young, old, western, eastern, classical, experimental, traditional, modern, and futuristic. They have perhaps but one thing in common: they are masters at…

Portuguese Soul: Vogue Italy accessory Fall 11

Portuguese Soul is a series of advertorials published in the best magazines around the world to promote portuguese shoe design and manufacture.