Movie director portraits created through their movies

This six piece project entitled Movie Director Portraits, is the ultimate source of inspiration and the perfect way to celebrate the beauty of the detail in design.

Illustration showcase to spark your creativity this weekend

An illustration showcase put together to inspire and make your weekend even more productive

Graphic design inspiration, in search for the color red

This time, the showcase will focus on graphic design projects that use the color red to give value to their designs. Also, it’s a creative way to point some eyes to a great cause, the RED campaign.

Guardians of the Galaxy through the eyes of different designers

Since the beginning of august, everyone started talking about Guardians of the Galaxy. The fans are pleased, yet the really interesting thing that happened came from the design community when it came to the poster design.

Webdesign inspiration of the week: Special websites

This week I wanted to present some webdesign inspiration that brings something refreshing. Not only because of the design or ux value offered, but more because of the subject the websites put in front of us. They don’t have a…

Webdesign inspiration of the week

Everyday there is a new website created, that gets published on some showcase/gallery website and still only 30% of us get to see it. With this in mind, I will try to present some inspiration from the webdesign environment every…