Showcase Fashion Website DesignsMay 13, 2012

Showcase Fashion Website Designs

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A showcase of fashion website designs that presents the unique and appealing design surrounding the fashion world. The full page picture based design has evolved in something more, it has evolved into an experience. The websites shown in this showcase have been chosen based on: unique design, navigation, user experience and interaction.

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Showcase: 11 examples of HTML 5 parallax scroll effectNovember 17, 2011

11 examples of HTML 5 parallax scroll effect

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The parallax scroll effect means displaying multiple background layers that can be scrolled independently in horizontal and vertical directions.This amazing effect was approached in the beginning of 2011 by Nike in their Nike Better World project, and since then, everyone has approached it and created some amazing works.

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Paintings, photography by Joanna KustraSeptember 5, 2011

Paintings, photography by Joanna Kustra

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Paintings represents the work of polish photographer Joanna Kustra , in collaboration with make-up artist Marcin Kulak, that creates this stunning realistic photography looking similar to paintings. A look on photography with the eyes of Joanna Kustra.

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Advertising manufacturers, brands in advertisingAugust 10, 2011

Automobile manufacturers, brands in advertising

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Print advertising that makes you discover the product, and all have one thing in commune, automobile brands. A visual introduction to how automobile manufacturers present their brands in advertising. A collection of automobile brands that chose to advertise their products with an indirect approach.

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23 examples of student package design workAugust 7, 2011

23 examples of student package design work

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Image and presentation matters more then ever for products. The way they are presented decides if the product will be picked from the shelfs of the supermarkets, and because competition is high, they also have to differentiate and attract ones eyes.But this post is about the quality and diversity of package design, especially because it

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