Alpha Males, a typographical tribute to the world’s manliest males

Alpha Males is an interesting project, using shape and color to give a typographical tribute to the world’s manliest males.

Free fonts to use in your future projects

When I’m working on a project (especially web projects), I like to experiment with the typography. To add more to the project, I’ve put together something for you. This collection of 22 fonts represents typefaces that I’ve been using in…

Handmade type

This typographic experiment, by the creative mind of Tien-Min Liao, that explores the relationship between upper-case letters and lower-case letters, and also records the transformation between them.

Typography and 7 websites to find good fonts

“Content is king”, but can it be read? Finding and choosing the right fonts can be a hassle, not just when creating a visual identity, but also when designing for the web or print. This collection of websites offers a…