Mario Andretti’s First Love website

First Love is the story of Mario Andretti and the car that started his legendary career. An interactive documentary, in which Grand Turismo fans get to take part in a social rebuild project.

Almost Human, Meet Your MX site

Meet your MX, is the website that promotes the new tv show, sci-fi police drama, Almost Human. An interactive website that presents the features of the androids.

Staring is caring, a skirt to stop aids now!

Charity never looked so hot. Stare at naked legs for a good cause in an interactive video-scroll-experience that is optimized for cross device browsing.

X3 studio internship website design

Everyday we see websites that get our attention and automatically catalog them as beautiful. What makes them beautiful? With that question in mind, I approached the X3 studio to find out a little bit about their internship website.

12 examples of parallax scroll effect in Web Design

One popular trend in web design this days is the parallax scroll effect. A rich and engaging user experience with a seamless navigation that puts things into a new perspective. A technique that has been abused in the past months,…

11 examples of HTML 5 parallax scroll effect

The parallax scroll effect means displaying multiple background layers that can be scrolled independently in horizontal and vertical directions.This amazing effect was approached in the beginning of 2011 by Nike in their Nike Better World project, and since then, everyone…