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  1. Tjun says:

    Dear Sergiu,

    Just a correction on Malaysia’s part. The logo that is used is “Malaysia Truly Asia”. Tourism Malaysia is a government agency which promotes it.

    1. When I did my research, first I googled for the images, then for the websites. The problem is that this agencies do not present their logos in a… approachable manner for individuals like me; I had to search high and low for a logo, a good logo. Thank you for bringing this to my attention! Logo design updated.

  2. obuvki says:

    I liked Australian and Bulgarian logos! Nice collection btw 🙂

  3. Santosh says:

    Where is India tourism logo?

    1. Could not find the currently used logo, there are to many websites that do not inspire credibility to me. As I was doing the research , I was focusing on the 2011 versions of the logos. Rather then insulting, I preferred not to post it especially when I saw that people care about the image of their country (been attentioned on emails).

  4. Alonso Li says:

    missing the Perú logo, is the best.

  5. Great collection, some of these do blur a bit together in their style and execution. The Peru one does stand out as both culturally representative and a bit more unique.

    1. the blur that you mention is the lack of vision from the past years. If you search for ” country tourism logo” you will see that, in 2007 – 2009 , it was a trend in the European logos. Lines drawn by children; blue, green and red where everywhere; everyone was into nature (because then ecology was discovered – beware of sarcasm).
      The Peru logo was done in may of this year, it is really a breath of fresh air.

  6. Robert says:

    When did Taiwan get this new logo? (I live here but haven’t seen it yet.)

    1. this year, in February.

  7. Martyn says:

    Really great list Sergiu, interesting to see how many could be straight out of a logo design trends list. Especially some of the new ones.

    Greece, I know times are hard, but come on! How long has that style logo been around for? Looks like a bog-standard corporate logo from clip-art. Same goes for Argentina, bit more elegant, but looks like some run-of-the-mill tech company.

    Always a difficult thing, to do something fresh that also says something about your country and it’s culture.

    For my money I like the Mexico one (really nice use of Aztec designs in a clean font with good colours), Japan (classy, simple and elegant), Indonesia (not as simple, but still elegant design) and New Zealand (just an original logo that I can imagine works well on all kinds of media).

    Some are good looking logos that are very on trend (Brazil, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland). A quick look at ‘logo trends’ and you will see most, if not all these styles. Which makes me think they may look a little out of date in a few years. Better to go with something original and classic and stick with it (Spain for instance).

    Just for balance I’m not a big fan of my own country’s logo.

    Shall we enact a Geneva convention banning child-like handwriting or drawings in tourism logos? :o)

    1. Same here Martyn, 100% agree with you. Good thing I didn’t shown the 2009 – 2010 versions of the logos, Europe had one trend; all logos where looking the same! I almost didn’t want to write the post because of this.
      I think the biggest problem is that the branding is done by outside sources, entity that don’t get the tradition or values shared by that specific country.
      The Bahamas Islands branding is one that deserves recognition for its originality and consistency.

  8. Afgan Orujov says:

    Dear Sergiu Naslau,

    Thank you for so interesting list of Tourism logos different countries. These logos have patters of the countries they represent. However, I could not find Azerbaijani tourism logo. We are improving this sector of economy day-by-day and we have a beautiful logo. I would be thankful if you include our logo as well. Good luck in all you do!

  9. fickury says:

    Wonderful work, collect as many as possible, keep it up

  10. Johnny MU says:

    You should say how much each logo has cost also, would be great

  11. chil says:

    Indonesia <3

  12. John Mulliss says:

    Hi Sergiu, I am looking for an Indo Tourism logo as a vector file, looks as if you did a greatjob.nice to see good graphics.
    I am Putting together a Indonesian website and need some logos in vector, I could put you a back link on the new website.Thank
    John Mulliss

    1. try reaching out to indonesian tourism department or find out who did the visual identity. these logos are really hard to find, especially in a good quality.

Thank you!

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