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Vinyls Alphabet

Vinyls Alphabet is a unique take on the latin alphabet with the help of 26 vinyls and illustrated letters.

Last time I’ve presented an alphabet related project, it was Alpha Males, a typographical tribute to the world’s manliest males where well known men would get a letter of the alphabet illustrated to resemble some of their characteristics.

This time the alphabet gets somewhat of a melodic tone under the form of Vinyls Alphabet.
Vinyls Alphabet is the creative child of Priscilla Fois Missk, a young italian graphic designer from Rome.
By choosing 26 vinyl albums and adding to them specific letters of the latin alphabet, Psicilla creates some interesting and unique compositions. I say unique composition, because the two elements, the album and the typographic illustrations, complete each other and do not fight individually for the viewers attention.







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