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March 1, 2013

Webdesign inspiration of the week

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Everyday there is a new website created, that gets published on some showcase/gallery website and still only 30% of us get to see it. With this in mind, I will try to present some inspiration from the webdesign environment every week. Websites that bring something new to the table, that present something with different eyes, or just some websites that kill you with the incredible user experience features.

That being said, here we have 7 websites that got my attention while surfing the web this week. I hope that you will try to have a closer look at them and maybe leave your thoughts in the comments section below. Enjoy and stay creative!

Nasa Prospect

NASA Prospect was created by a group of student designers at the University of South Dakota.
It is the interactive story of the planet prospectors, left behind by NASA to recover the golden objects of humankind scattered across the solar-system by a global disaster. This episode follows Nicolas and Ema, on a mission to find remnants of human music contained in the golden records. Travel with them as they explore new planets, overcome great odds, and make unexpected friends.

Webdesign inspiration of the week - Nasa Prospect

Nowy Teatr

Nowy Teatr is created by Krzysztof Warlikowski and a group of his regular collaborators. The Artist’s European renown stems partly from his very particular view of audience’s role in an artistic event.
The main goal, which the director always strives for, is communication, creating a meaningful dialogue with the audience. This dialogue can be based on an understanding or it can start with a provocation that changes the routine way of thinking.
Nowy Teatr seeks to expand the area of dialogue with the audience not confining itself to theater performances alone. It aims to be a place for a whole new artistic situation. An area free for artists and curators to create, a space defined by people full of ideas.

Webdesign inspiration of the week - Nowy Teatr

Find your way to Oz

A Chrome Experiment, inspired by Disney's Oz The Great and Powerful.

Webdesign inspiration of the week - Find your way to Oz

Rick & Drew

Rick & Drew, twin brother creative team of director and producer, designer and programmer. A relative simple portfolio , but with a lot of personality. They actually put the spot light on their services on every section of the website.

Webdesign inspiration of the week - Rick & Drew

University of Coimbra

With over seven centuries of history, University of Coimbra has a remarkable material and immaterial heritage, and represents a fundamental piece on the european and world scientific cultural history.
It has interesting looking graphics and the interaction side keeps things interesting. It has a refreshing look then what you would see on other university websites,even if it presents the information from a history point of view.

Webdesign inspiration of the week - University of Coimbra

Illy Coffee Surfing

Photographer Gabriele Galimberti and illy document little sips of happiness in the stories and coffee moments of people around the world.
What I found interesting about this website is the slideshow. It is unique, thrum the way you get to navigate, and lets the subjects tell the story.

Webdesign inspiration of the week - Illy coffee surfing

Internship website X3 Studio

A three-month design internship organized by X3, an award winning design studio from Timisoara.
It is a really interesting way of presenting their offer. Regularly design studios would just post a link with demands and that is about it, but studio X3 did an incredible job with this website. It is nice to see the agency getting all dressed to impress the future designer and not the other way around.

Webdesign inspiration of the week - Internship X3 Studio